European projects

All our projects funded by the European Union

WINTHER (2020-2025)

High-resolution optical imaging for deep-tissue therapeutic monitoring

  The EU-funded WINTHER project will develop next-generation fast RSOM (F-RSOM) that is two orders of magnitude faster than the existing RSOM, enabling assessment of endothelial functions. The new RSOM will be aided by a modern computation framework, based on deterministic and artificial intelligence algorithms.    It is hoped that the introduction of F-RSOM will improve the clinical accuracy of RSOM to advance its application in therapeutic monitoring of cardiometabolic diseases and inflammatory skin conditions.

RSENSE (2020-2025)

New portable photoacoustic sensor technology

  The EU-funded RSENSE project will support the use of a novel, revolutionary portable optoacoustic (PROPT) technology for sensing applications in the healthcare, environmental and automotive sectors.

eSOTRAC (2017-2021)

Hybrid optical and optoacoustic endoscope for esophageal tracking

  ESOTRAC aims to significantly improve the detection of early-stage esophageal cancer. The interdisciplinary, 5-country research team will develop an innovative endoscope that combines sensing of pathophysiological tissue signatures resolved by multi-spectral optoacoustic (photoacoustic) tomography (MSOT) with morphological disease signatures provided by optical coherence tomography (OCT). 

INNODERM (2016-2021)

  The EU-funded project INNODERM will develop a novel optoacoustic device for earlier non-invasive skin cancer diagnosis. Driven by leading dermatologists and market leading SMEs in optoacoustic and ultrasound technology,  INNODERM will design and prototype a handheld, portable, scalable, label-free RSOM device for point-of care dermatology applications.   INNODERM brings together key photonic & ultrasound technologies and will validate the technical and economic viability of RSOM in dermatology suites for fast diagnosis and skin disease monitoring.