CSR policy

At Sonaxis, we're green

We make the news : 

"Sonaxis, new eco-friendly premises"

  A closed water circuit to feed our micro-cutting machines. In fact, we financed a filtration system that now enables us to recycle 100% of the water we use. It recovers the water after cutting, filtering out material particles and re-injecting them into the machines. This volume of water only needs to be renewed twice a year.

  Whereas we used to consume 32 m3 of water a day before this investment, today we consume no more than a family of 4.

manufacturing rhymes with sorting 

  Industry means waste. At Sonaxis, we produce our own probes, our own waste, our own responsibilities. When we opened our new premises, we opted for a 3-category sorting system : recyclables, electronics and chemicals.

eco-expeditions are a hit 

  Because we want to adapt our delivery methods to our ecological values, and because we want to give you the freedom of choice right to the end of your journey with us, we're replacing plastic packaging with recyclable cardboard packaging.

our ever more responsible ecosystem 

  Sonaxis has joined the inter-employer mobility plan for the Temis technology park in Besançon, France, to promote a greener, more responsible working environment. Favoring alternative modes of transport to the private car not only reduces CO2 emissions and energy consumption, it also promotes a certain quality of life at work, while reducing costs and road risks.